June 22, 2024

Penis Cactus | 5 Pack Cutting | Trichocereus bridgesii monstrose cv Short Form


Whimsical Wonders: 5-Pack Penis Cactus Cuttings – A Humorous Addition to Your Collection

Enjoy the fantastic world of Penis Cacti! This amazing offering includes five cuttings from the highly sought-after Trichocereusbridgesiimonstrosecv Short Form, which is rare and difficult to find. This unique variety is a must-have for collectors seeking a touch of humor, distinctive branching habits, and occasional glaucous blue coloration on new growth.

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  • Rare and Coveted: The Penis Cactus, also known as Trichocereusbridgesiimonstrose (Short Form), TBM, Bolivian torch, or Echinopsislageniformismonstrose ELM, is a highly desirable variety known for its unique and humorous appearance. Collectors prize it for its impressive branching habit and occasional glaucous blue hues on new growth.
  • Variable and Distinct: The Penis Cactus is inherently variable, adding an element of surprise to each cutting. While it may display a scarred appearance, it’s this very uniqueness that contributes to its charm. Its distinct look and branching make it an absolute essential for any cactus collector.
  • Important Plant Information: When you order the Penis Cactus, you will receive a set of 5 cuttings that are calloused over and ready to plant. As with any rare and unique plant, some scarring is normal and to be expected, adding to the character and individuality of each cutting
  • Cutting Sizes: Choose from three convenient cutting sizes to suit your preferences and growing space:
    • Small Cutting (1-2 inches): Perfect for those looking to start a charming cactus collection or for limited spaces.
    • Medium Cutting (2-3 inches): A mid-sized option offering a balance between manageability and the distinct features of the Penis Cactus.
    • Large Cutting (4-6 inches – Branching): For enthusiasts seeking a bold statement, these larger cuttings feature branching, adding an extra layer of intrigue to your collection.
  • Thicker with Size: As your Penis Cactus cuttings grow larger, they naturally become thicker. The girth of the cutting plays a significant role in sizing, contributing to the overall allure of these unique specimens.

The rare and coveted Penis Cactus has cemented its place in the hearts of cactus collectors around the world. This unique variety stands out among its counterparts. Embrace the allure of this exceptional Trichocereusbridgesiimonstrose and add a touch of whimsy to your cactus collection. Order now and get ready to cultivate laughter and admiration in your collection!


5 Small Cuttings (1-2 inch), 5 Medium Cuttings (2-3 inch), 5 Large Cuttings (4-6 inch Branching


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