June 22, 2024

San Pedro Cactus | Bulk Rooted Cactus Packs | Echinopsis (Trichocereus) Pachanoi


Scars of Resilience: Embracing the Beauty of San Pedro Cactus in Bulk Cutting Packs

Are you looking to add some beauty and serenity to your indoor or outdoor space? Look no further than our San Pedro Cactus bulk rooted cactus packs!

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Five rooted San Pedro cacti are available in this bulk-rooted pack at a reduced price, making it ideal for different projects that need numerous ready-to-plant rootstocks.

Each pack contains a variety of small rooted plants that vary in width and measure approximately 8-12 inches in length. Their varied width adds character to your collection, making each cutting unique. These cacti instantly give any setting a sense of originality with their remarkable height and thick, green stalks. These rooted cactus packets are ideal for anyone who is new to gardening or an experienced enthusiast.

We understand that visual appeal is important when it comes to plants, which is why we want to be transparent about the condition of our bulk packs. As these are cosmetically damaged but still healthy cuttings, some scarring may be present. However, rest assured that this in no way affects the overall health and growth potential of these beautiful cacti.

Caring for your San Pedro Cactus is a breeze. These resilient plants like well-draining soil and do best in bright, indirect sunshine. Since these cacti are drought-tolerant, let the soil dry out entirely in between waterings to avoid overwatering. With minimal care and attention, your San Pedro Cactus will flourish and fill your space with natural charm.

Our bulk rooted cactus packs of Echinopsis (Trichocereus) Pachanoiare the ideal option whether you want to construct a garden with a desert theme, add some greenery to your office, or just like the unusual look of cacti. These plants are not only visually striking but also offer a sense of calm and tranquility when added to any space.

Order your San Pedro Cactus bulk rooted cactus packs today and embrace the beauty and simplicity of these Echinopsis (Trichocereus) Pachanoi plants. Let them bring a touch of nature into your life and create a serene oasis wherever they are placed.


3 Rooted Plants (8-12 inches), 5 Rooted Plants (8-12 inches)


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