June 22, 2024

Papaver Seeds “Lilac Single” (250 Grams)


High Quality Papaver Seeds – Lilac Single

Welcome at Cactus MySticks. Here we offer you 250 Gram pouch of the opium poppy, which is also known as Papaver Somniferum, that is famous for its beautiful lilac-colored seeds. While the plant is very well-known among people, its seeds have their own special qualities that make them just similarly famous.

Benefits of These Seeds

Papaver seeds have several health advantages in addition to being a culinary delight. They are used as medicine to help in detecting irregular connections between the bladder and bowel. This helps doctors diagnose and understand Vesicoenteric Fistula, a condition that causes discomfort and keeps coming back.

Exploring Versatility

These handy seeds are used in lots of different foods to make them taste better, like cakes, pastries, and porridge. They have a nutty taste that adds something special. But they are not just for cooking. Their oil is also used to make soap shiny and to add color to paint, showing how useful they are in all sorts of ways.

Medicinal Advantages

Papaver seeds can help with different health problems like asthma, constipation, and coughs. They are also known for possibly stopping certain kinds of cancer, which is why they are often used in natural remedies.

Understanding Precautions

Although these seeds have many good points, it is important to be careful. Eating too many poppy seeds or making them into tea can be risky because they have morphine and other opiates on their surface. Knowing about these risks helps you enjoy their benefits safely.

Cactus MySticks is where you can get top-quality Papaver Seeds – Lilac Single. Discover the wonders of natural remedies and tasty cooking with our fresh seeds, delivered right to your door with care and convenience.


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