June 22, 2024

Banisteriopsis Caapi (red) extract 30:1 – 50g


Banisteriopsis caapi, also known as the Ayahuasca vine, is an important plant in Amazonian rituals for healing and spirituality. The “red” type usually means a certain kind of the plant. When we say “30:1” for an extract, it means that 30 parts of the original plant are condensed into 1 part of the extract.

Our 50g pouch gives you great value, letting you explore this special botanical extract for longer. It’s extremely concentrated- 30 times stronger than the plant itself- so every gram gives you a powerful experience. Perfect for experienced enthusiasts and anyone wanting a stronger connection with this amazing plant.

Why Us? Because Quality Matters!

We’re all about top-notch botanical extracts, and our Banisteriopsis Caapi (red) extract is no different. We get it from the best Red BanisteriopsisCaapi plants and process it carefully to keep all the good stuff intact. Our plants grow naturally and organically in their own homes, showing our dedication to being eco-friendly and making sure you get the best quality.

Our BanisteriopsisCaapi (red) extract 30:1 – 50g is special as it’s all about authenticity. We take great care to keep it natural and full of the good stuff from the Red BanisteriopsisCaapi plant. Our plants grow naturally, without any chemicals, showing how much we care about the environment and giving you the best quality. When you use our extract, you are getting a pure and sensory experience that lets you connect with nature like never before.

As you start exploring plants, remember to be careful and mindful. Our extract has many benefits, but use it moderately and follow the rules. If you are new to BanisteriopsisCaapi, be cautious and ask for help. Using our product safely helps keep this tradition alive for the future.

Try our BanisteriopsisCaapi (red) extract 30:1 – 50g now and discover a whole new world of amazing sensations! It’s top-notch quality, totally real, and super strong, making it the perfect sidekick for your botanical adventures. Count on us to give you an experience that goes beyond what you imagined, leaving you wanting more.


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